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The_Liquid_Laser said:
Ganoncrotch said:

a modded Vita is a fantastic item to have in a collection right now, lets you play pretty much most retro games and has great arcade machine support, the emulated PSP which you can launch the Vita into allows you full access to the entire library of psp,psone and various other systems games as well.

Wouldn't be without my Vita.

If you are looking to get one now just make sure you get yourself a SD > Vita memory card adapter for the modded system (can only use these on modded consoles) but they're the only real way to go for memory cards on it, I have the official 64gb one which cost well over €100 and is absolutely trash for forgetting it's file system at times.

I may get a used one in a few years.  Right now even when I buy a 3DS game, I end up spending my time playing the Switch instead.

The thing is though, I think the Vita is great right now for an emulation machine, realistically in a few years down the line chances are mobile tech will probably have introduced another device which does the job of the Vita a lot better, I heard good things about the Switch modding scene right now, but I'm coming up on the 100 digital games mark and don't wanna get my system banned by Nintendo.

Might actually buy a second Switch just to mod it, since I have a spare 128GB SD card now after upgrading my main system to 256GB

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