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twintail said:
KrspaceT said:

With games like Assassins Creed O, Black Ops 4, Battlefield V, Soulcaliber, and Red Dead competing for sales, does Mario Party have any risk of being Titantfall 2'd?


I'll admit I feel that Super Mario Party is insulated a bit by being on an entirely separate system for the games, but I'd appreciate other points of view on this. 

None of those games are on switch. 

It will be fine

Many Switch owners are multi console owners.  The games not being on Switch has nothing to do with the fact that they can impact the sales of a Switch game.


OT, I think it will be fine.  Mario Party is a family game, and those who would buy it will likely buy it anyway.  Those who pass would likely pass anyway.  Good local multiplayer games are hard to come by these days, so those that are looking for it will snatch it up regardless of whatever else is out there.

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