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mZuzek said:
Azuren said:

It'd be an easy way yo shoehorn in more Pokemon fighters.

Not really easy... none of this makes any sense. You can't just have a different trainer as Pokémon Trainer's echo fighter, then have 3 different Pokémon. That's not only a different character, that is 3 different characters that have to be programmed in the game lol. No, if there's a Pokémon Trainer echo fighter, then all 3 Pokémon must be similar to Ivysaur, Charizard and Squirtle.

I also said that Giovanni would require his own moveset, implying that in this case I'm not considering an echo fighter (which should have been further enforced by the fact that characters I considered for Echo Fighter are listed as Echo Fighters). The only similarity would be the three-pokemon-in-one-fighter aspect.

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