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I dont think the switch can sell 80 million by 2020 which is around when the next gen PS5 is coming out. Once the PS5 is out I dont see why anyone would buy a 4 year old switch unless Nintendo plans on making the switch their only console going forward which I doubt. I believe they will milk the switch a little while longer then release the next Handheld "4DS" around 2020. Then around 2023 they will release the new Switch 2. Basically they will always be avoiding the Playstation rather than colliding with it. I think the switch will stop at around 60 million. But I could be wrong, it will all depend on how much of a leap forward the next gen Switch Pokemon will be. If Pokemon Lets GO is anything to go by then I feel it will be a huge disappointment. I am actually hoping that is not the case so that I can have a decent excuse to waste 300 on a switch. If "Pokemon Stars" is huge, and I dont mean pokemon sun and moon level, I am talking about 200+ amazing looking pokemon, Zelda level graphics, amazing new combat animations, no more grass but actual pokemon roaming around, and taking the online batle aspect to the next level, then I think they could easily make 80 million. Unfortunately looking back at all the previous Pokemon releases and how lazy they have been it is hard for me to see them breaking themselves out of the mold they have put themselves in. Nintendo needs to put in some work instead of some more cash grabs. A brand new successful Nintendo IP would also help.