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Which Mega Evolutions if they chose to incorporate them as new forms would you like to see most?


Pick a top 5 or top 10! Also exclude cross gen pokemon such as polygon z or crobat as they arent in the orignal 151!


Legendary pokemon count and only fully evolved. Pokemon with alolian forms can count too (ninetails/sandslash)


***List of all Fully Evolved Pokemon (Gen 1)***

*Butterfree.  *Dugtrio.    *Dotrio .        *Mr Mime

*Ratitcate.    *Persian.    *Dewgong.    *Jynx

*Fearow .      *Golduck .  *Muk.             *Tauros

*Arbok .         *Primape.   *Cloyster .    *Lapras

*Sandslash . *Arcanine .  *Hypno .       *Vaporeon

*Nidoqueen.  *Poliwrath . *Kingler.      *Flareon

*Nidoking .     *Electrode . *Exgucutor *Jolteon

*Clefable.        *Machamp. *Marowak .  *Omastar

*Ninetails .      *Victreebel.  *Hitmonchan *Kabutops

*Wigglytuff .    *Tentacruel .*Hitmonlee.  *Snorlax

*Vielplume .     *Golem .       *Weezing .    *articuno

*Parasect .       *Rapidash.  *Seaking .      *zapdos

*Venomoth .    *Farfetch'd . *Starmie.      *Moltres

*Dragonite .      *Mew

Last edited by tbone51 - on 12 August 2018