Not really, the bad things outweigh the good imo (compared to previous Pokémon games).

+ Exploration (although I didn't actually notice much difference in linearity between Sun & Moon and X & Y): I definitely don't want an open world game, but some more side-areas to explore would be nice.
+ Difficulty (but again, there was barely any difference between S&M and previous games): Pokémon doesn't need to be hard, but recent games have become too easy.

- Trials: they certainly were an interesting idea, but ended up being not nearly as exciting as the gyms.
- Z-moves: I didn't like Mega Evolutions, but I like Z-moves even less.
- Cutscenes: there were way too many in S&M, and they usually were very slow and boring. They obviously tried to spend more time on the story in this game, but the actual plot was equally weak as in other Pokémon games. I hate long and boring dialogues, I prefer games that can tell their story through their world.
- Graphics: I didn't like the change to 3D that X&Y made, but at least it still had a certain charm to it. Sun & Moon looked horrible, and the Let's Go games are even worse.
- Region: this is my main issue with Sun & Moon. The region design is very important in Pokémon, it's what distinguishes the games from eachother. While Kalos was probably the most charming and interesting region in the whole franchise, Alola was the most boring one since Kanto. The main reason for this is their attempt to make the scale more realistic. Because they didn't make the region much bigger, there's a lot less stuff to see and visit than in previous games. For instance, the number of towns and cities is the lowest since the first two regions: Hoenn had 16, Sinnoh 15, Unova (BW2) 19, Kalos 16, but Alola had only 9. The number of inhabitants per town is also lower than in other regions.

TL;DR: I want more X&Y stuff and less S&M.