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I finally found some value in handheld gaming, through Octopath, I bring it to work and play it in bed sometimes, and I'm also getting Battlechasers: Nightwars for a similar experience in handheld mode. This year, the biggest games aren't as interesting to me, as I never really enjoyed the Smash games and I never cared for Pokemon at all, but the latter half is looking good overall. I haven't bought that many games just yet, I have a staggering backlog on my PC that I'm slowly clearing (playing the Mordor games right now). I want to get Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for sure, there are some worthwhile 3rd and 2nd party games being released and the Switch is my first Nintendo system since the N64, so I'm hoping for releases of more classics as well as remakes for me to enjoy.

As for the hardware situation, it's doing well, but not amazingly, which is more or less what I expected. I still have my doubts on the longevity of the Switch as a concept, I think we'll start seeing at least annual revisions, if not more, within a year or so. At least more and more users have become a bit more grounded, and outselling the Wii is no longer treated as dead certain. Q4 this year and Q1 next year will tell us all we need to know.

As for my own Switch, I hadn't used it in a long time when I bought Octopath, but the same can be said for my other consoles so that's hardly unique (heck; I still only own one 8th gen title on my Xbox One). 2018 hasn't been a terrific gaming year overall, in my opinion.