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Personally I think this first half was pretty good for me.
1st, the lack of huge games allowed me to play more of the ones released in 2017 and allowed me to complete a ton of games.
2nd, I had a game to play just about every month but April. (For me)
Jan was Rocket League (physical) and Lost Sphear
Feb was Bayonetta 1+2
March was Attack on Titan 2 and Atelier Lydie And Suelle.

and then May was Battle Chasers Nightwar (which I highly recommend) and Yonder. 

I also purchased a large variety of indie games such as Mulaka and Fe.

Now, for the average gamer, none of those games would probably appeal to them. However, for me it was great. And after the end of June, I’ve just been flooded with games and now I feel like I have too many to play.
In just June was Fortnite, Paladins, Minecraft (physical) Ys VIII, Wolfenstein 2 And Crash bandicoot, with Shining Resonance and Octopath a few weeks away. Thankfully there’s a little break before Monster Hunter but still.

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