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Anyone else getting Wuhu Island vibes from the Vehicle Pack game?

Shaqazooloo0 said:

Might actually buy the new kit... make it compatible with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

That was one of my first thoughts, make the steering wheel and gas pedal work with MK8 from day 1.

Green098 said:

Tbh I just hope there is a chance this one could work without the actual cardboard so could play this in handheld mode as it doesn't seem as necessary as the other kits in order to function.

Yeah I think a fair few people might pick up a version of this with conventional controls, though Nintendo may worry that such a version might undermine Labo's core concept. Maybe they'll patch it to allow such an option later.

Marach said: 

i mean there's no multiplayer componant

Not online, but technically it does have local multiplayer, the trailer shows the father and son playing with one driving and the other shooting. You can also see two vehicles fighting each other briefly.

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