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drkohler said:
Smartie900 said:
You have to be a certain level of crazy in order to hang off the side of an airplane while it's a couple hundred feet above the air just so you can get a cool trailer thumbnail.

Yeah... sure. Ever heard of green screen technology?

My first encounter with TC was way back  in a John Grisham movie, where a thoroughly incompetent actor played the key role, almost ruined the film single-handedly. Turned out to be a very young TC. What a misearble performance that was. Next time I saw him was in a costume movie, again hopelessly untalented acting, less facial expressions than Steven Seagal (and that tells you a lot). That was the time he was out in my movie books (his addiction to a certain cult hasn't helped either ). So shoot me.

Haha, seriously? Not a chance....The Firm was an awesome movie and Tom Cruise only made it better. He was always an amazing actor. Just go watch Interview with a Vampire and see how he completely creates the character of Lestat. There are bad actors out there but Tom Cruise ain't one of them just because he's such a big star.


And yeah, I REALLY began enjoying the Mission Impossible movies beginning with Ghost Protocol. It was so awesome and then Rogue Nation was almost just as good if not better. Fallout looks like it may be the best in the franchise as well. This series just went from, hmmm...ok to woahhh KICK ASS. Seriously, the trailer for Fallout is ridiculously badass. There's no question the movie will be the BEST of the year. Star Wars, Infinity War and Star Wars? Nahhh, I'll pass! Give me MISSION IMPOSSIBLE any day of the week.