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routsounmanman said:
curl-6 said:

Square Enix fucked up big time on this one, hopefully sales aren't too badly damaged by the shortage.

I don't know, things could go either way. All the news about it selling out and shortages could also make it a more wanted item, boosting its appeal, and sales potential. Trust me, Nintendo does it all the time :p

Seriously though, I am super glad this is doing well. I have played over 40 hours (which is a feat for my limited time) and I cannot seem to be able to put it down. More games like this, SE, or even better give us that FFVI remake.

I'm over 80 hours at this point. This getting ridiculous. I took my car in to get serviced on Saturday morning. They were like "it's going to be 2 and half hours" usually I would have bounced. I was told the tech, It's okay. I'm prepared. I sat in the lounge playing Octopath Traveler the whole time. Then I went to get my car detailed, played Octopath Traveler while I waited. Thankfully I have certified USB-C rapid car charger for my phone. I got my Switch batter down to 30%. I went to the mall to order some contacts. By the time I got back to the car, I hid the Switch under my seat, system was already back to 70%. Went to grab a bite to eat and by the time I got home the Switch was 95% full when I plopped it back down in the dock to keep playing. I used to laugh at those ads of people playing the Switch outside, etc. I basically lived a Switch ad on Saturday. I've never played my Switch in public before. I usually only use undocked mode when I travel to home to Virginia visit family or if there is something on TV, like a UFC event, and I want watch TV and play at the same time.