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Alacrist said: Yeah, the PS3 is having more trouble then even i expected, but on topic, these three games will be release in a 6 month period if you start at June but then again do you think Smash Bros would be released in Nov. or Dec. I would love for this to be true but looking at the dates that brings another question......Will Nintendo release their three biggest games in 5-6 months?
...and destroy Sony? For sure, man, for sure They will do everything they can - there are still Metroid Prime 4 (or "Dread" or whatever ). Pikmin, Icarus (?), Disaster, Sadness (a biiiig publisher and Nintendo is talking to the studio? No, this could NEVER be Big N...), F-Zero, the next Zelda game, Mario Kart, etc. That should be enough to bring at least two big Nintendo titles to the Wii a year.