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First, as others have stated, different people have different priorities. And even if Doom on Xbox One (X) wouls have been way better technically, it wouldn't have been mobile.

Aside from raw power, Switch is actually great in playing 'your way'. Play on tv, mobile, with standard or gyro control or Wiimote style is really great. The only real issue here is that other consoles have way more power because they're not mobile. Going for 4K isn't everybodys choice.

xxbrothawizxx63 said:

Portable Doom was worth the entrance price. I think 95% of people would be just fine with that version undocked. 

Wolf II definitely wasn't from a gameplay perspective. Doom is the better port anyway. Wolf just gets too blurry. Playable, but far from optimal. Doom's resolutions should have definitely been the floor. I feel like they missed the point with this port. They just turned down settings and kept everything else the same, but the lower resolution that results from that choice makes it difficult to appreciate all that detail anyway. 

I'm not really agreeing here. You're right that the resolution going down more often/lower is an issue with Wolfenstein 2. Though maybe we'll see that patched to some degree. At the same time the faster paced and more close range Doom get's hit harder by the 30fps frame rate. In the end both play better than i had expected.