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GoOnKid said:
quickrick said:

Well the thing is PS4 has virtually every third party game available  for it, plus exclusives. i got me a ps4 round  250$ 3 years ago with the GTAV and last of us bundle, sold GTAV  for 50$, made my ps4 around like 250-300$ can't remember. getting a PC is not worth it at this point, as i move around from country to country every year or so, plus ps5 is coming out soon, and i expect 60fps to be a option in most games. limiting yourself to only switch is just sad to me, cause it's not like you're only missing out on sony exclusives, you virtually missing  out on most big games from almost every third party. this particular poster also seems to really interested in most third party games but only has a switch doesn't make sense to me.

Yes quickrick, okay, but he values different things differently like you and some others differently than me. He is not wrong in thinking that gyro aiming is the best thing ever. It's just his thing. Also, I'm pretty sure he even owns a PS4, he mentioned that in a while ago in another thread. Same as me, by the way, I also own a PS4 and I still bought Doom on the Switch instead of the PS4. The reason? I value the ability to play it EVERYWHERE in my apartment much, muuuuuuch higher than pixels and frames. And therefore, everyone of us can be happy because every need can be satisfied.

he doesn't care for  gaming on the go, and he only owns a switch IRRC, but hey it's his preference, he only wants to own a nintendo console that's cool, i just don't understand it personally mainly cause third party support is awful.