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Majin-Tenshinhan said:
Extremely doubtful. It's a fairly small series, and Capcom are doing awfully with their big franchises (sans Monster Hunter).

Capcom have severe problems with budgeting, where they'll have games that should by all accounts be successes (RE6, RE7) but still end up in the red because Capcom are incapable of managing the budgets of games.

Especially given the dire straits of Street Fighter 5 - which wasn't even funded by them, but by Sony - since release and the controversies that keep piling up with it, Capcom doing a Street Fighter 6 is getting kind of dubious, let alone them going back to any of their old fighting game franchises they've neglected for the last 20 years.

I keep hearing this but there is absolutely 0 proof that they did not make a nice profit on RE7. They did fall short on expectations by 500k for the first quarter shipment (  but it also broke even with 2.5 million in sales ( and it now passed the 5 million mark, heading to 6 . So can we finally put this argument to rest?

As for Darkstalkers... I just wish :(

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