There's a piece of news going on about Germany banning pre-order of items without a release date and a decided to search about articles and opinions about pre-ordering games and I was astonished when I found many articles calling pre-ordering stupid.

The main reason is, most of them say, there's no point pre-ordering games when they're everywhere and the consumer shouldn't have to pay before getting it when they'll find it after release. The consumer also shouldn't be giving the retailers/developers this precious information that is the future demand for the game, the consumer doesn't get anything from it, just they who sell it. That's among other reasons such as when consumers pre-order a game they're visiting the shop twice instead of just once (in a e-commerce world, this reason is nonsense for me).

I'm not sharing sources here, because one can look them up easily on Google. Articles against pre-ordering are out there.

In my personal experience what I see is that there's still people going out on release day and not finding games they want. I still see people upset for having to wait for weeks before finding sold out games while those who pre-ordered are enjoying them.

What are your thoughts?

I don't mind pre-ordering at all.

God bless You.

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