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Ulternia said:
The Wii did very poorly. Was it in short supply?

OT: All things considered, I could see the Switch just barely breaking the 2M barrier and coming in to a stone’s throw of the PS4’s total. I believe Pokemon and Yokai Watch will both underperform (for the outrageous standards of the series).

Wii didn't too well in Japan, first year was it's best and declined fast afterwards. It only sold 12.77M units in Japan, with 3.7M in 2007, it's best year (and 4.6M if you include the launch in December 2006, so yeah, after just 13 Month the Wii already sold almost 40% of it's total volume in Japan). Switch is expected to exceed that this year despite the decline in gaming overall in Japan. However, the Wii had a higher baseline throughout the year compared to the Switch

Last edited by Bofferbrauer2 - on 15 July 2018