HintHRO said:

There will be a time not far from now when it will be a crime to be a heterosexual natural gender. I bet my dick on it.

Yeah, because every lead in Hollywood is going to homosexual transgenders...oh wait.

Maybe it's because most roles go to heterosexual natural genders since that's what the main population is comprised of. But people are making a stink about the casting, because this is one of the few times a role that would best be portrayed by a transgender actor (trans actors exist, you just don't see many because the roles don't exist) instead goes to a high profile straight cisgender actor that probably wouldn't do the role justice.

And this isn't about "giving" the parts to trans actors or devaluing merit of straight ones. You can't tell me that SJ would do a better more believable job as a trans character. She's not the worst, but she's definitely not one of the better actors. Nobody complained when Cate Blanchett acted against type and played Bob Dylan...because she can act. Same with Jared Leto and Eddie Redmayne playing and winning Oscars for trans roles.

Your comment is similar to when white cisgender males complain about being the new persecuted identity when in reality they are still on top of the social ladder in most cases. Other groups just want to share a piece of the social pie. It isn't a crime to be straight, cisgender, white or male. These groups just think this because for the first time in our history they have to share the air. It becoming a crime to be at the top is just nonsensical sensationalist rhetoric.