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I’d rank them as
1. Breath of the Wild
2. Super Mario Bros
3. Wii Sports
4. Super Mario 64
5. Super Mario World

In that order, and they were all awesome!

Personally, in the long run I ended up liking Super Mario World more than 64, but Super Mario World lacked the same level of hype and enthusiasm that the other 4 games had - I remember physically fighting my friend’s elder sister in order to play Super Mario Bros! But NES was perpetually rare, and not because it wasn’t popular, but because it was hard to come by. Super Mario World also launched in the wake of Super Mario Bros 3, which is potentially why it lacked the same level of enthusiasm.

PS. Pretty sure Legend of Zelda was a launch title in most countries too, according to Wikipedia it wasn’t, but by my memory it was... But NES had a very weird launch any way in that it released in some cities before others.

Putting Wii Sports seems a little wrong, I want to put it higher; even first. There are few games in history that had such a gigantic amount of hysteria surrounding them, and Wii Sports may have been the biggest of them all. I remember similar excitement around Super Mario Bros 3, Sonic 2, Donkey among Country, GE007, Final Fantasy 7, and GTA 3/Vice City; but maybe only Pokemon Go was anything like Wii Sports in terms of seeing bands of people at 5 am and knowing they were outside at that time because of a game....The Wii had people camping out in front of stores for months (not the same people! But people would go to the front of the store and wait all night until morning - and the reason they went and waited all night is because other people would come and take their spot if they didn’t. If you got there at 2am, chances are high you might already be too late.

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