AngryLittleAlchemist said:
KManX89 said:

Yes, but presentation means everything in a movie, especially in an adaptation of something in the case of GitS. Why do you think there was so much backlash when Christian Bale, a white man was cast to play Moses in Exodus: Gods and Kings? To that end, it would make a shit ton more sense to get somebody who actually looks like a man to play a trans man.

Inb4 "but she's playing a biologically female character, hur hur".

Nothing in the Ghost in the Shell 1995 film made the Major seem overly Japanese. It just happened to take place in Japan. That's it. Most Japanese cartoons do not put a heavy emphasis on making characters look Japanese. Because it's a cartoon, it's just an abstract approximation of what humans "look like". The complaints about GiTS are really ridiculous. Her race was never that important to the movie. 

......her race was never implied, but Kusanagi is a Japanese name lol.