jason1637 said:
shikamaru317 said:

The simple fact of the matter is that there are no popular trans actors or actresses. Why act surprised when a movie studio casts a popular A or B list actor or actress like Eddie Redmayne, Chloe Sevigny, or Scarlett Johnannsen to play a trans character as opposed to a nobody trans actor/actress who lacks the ability to put people in the seats at the cinema/theater the same way that a A or B lister can? Hollywood will do what makes them the most money. 

Because it makes money doesn't make it right.

And just because you're offended doesn't mean you're right. 

Aeolus451 said: 
jason1637 said: 

As someone that's part Japanese I find it offensive when a non Japanese person plays the role of a Japanese person.

I hope that you're being sarcastic. Who cares what you find offensive as a part Japanese person. I'm part Japanese as well and I don't think any of it's offensive. We're not monolithic. "As a _____ person" doesn't mean shit especially in this situation. Japanese like any other culture copy other countries' films or books then cast all people from their own country. It's normal and okay for any country to do.

Exactly. The fact is this is only ever used as virtue signaling. If it really bothered people, they would be upset when a white character is turned into another race. Or like you said, when other countries adapt books or other films and cast actors from their country, instead of being faithful to the source. Hell, even Attack on Titan made it clear that being Asian was rare, but that didn't stop them from casting all Japanese actors for the film. Where's the outcry from that? Nope, it's only ever brought up when it's the evil white man "stealing" from another culture. 

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