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Breath of the Wild yes, but it's a cross gen game...

Best launch line up is still the Gamecube's

-Luigi's Mansion
-Wave race
-Pikmin just 2 weeks after
-Smash Bros Melee also two weeks after

Great third party games like :
-Rogue Leader
-Tony Hawk 3
-Super Mario Sunshine
-RE Rebirth
-RE 0

And I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot of games. And that system got all the great and/or big third party IP like Prince of Persia, BGE, Call of Duty, FIFA, James Bond, Ghost Recon, BGE, Lord of the rings, madden, medal of honor, all the sports games from 2K and EA, Rayman, Resident Evil etc etc

Seriously, I don't think Nintendo is ever going to top that