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Reputations are earned sometimes over a long string of releases but sometimes it just takes one game to dramatically improve or tarnish that reputation.


One example is Uncharted 2 for Naughty Dog. Uncharted was a surprise hit. Crash and Jak series did well but it wasn't until Uncharted 2 became of one the highest rated games ever and swept GOTY awards that people started calling them Naughty Gods and realized they were one of Sony's best assets.

Another example is Demon Souls. From Software were barely know for Armored Core games. Enchanted Arms sucked. Boom Demon Souls was a surprise hit. They changed one word to create a new IP they could release on multiple platforms and their series are still going strong


A negative example would be Lair for Factor 5. Beginning of their downfall.

Last edited by Signalstar - on 02 July 2018

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