I have an X1 and its somewhat common to see games around or below 720p (60 fps games generally), but it just happens for a moment and they use techniques that really clean up the presentation.

Wolfenstein 2 on Switch though really pushes well the beyond the limits of what I consider acceptable for resolution. Maybe they didn't compromise enough on assets and effects.

"We pixel counted a wide variety of shots from the docked mode, and came up with a whole host of results. Everything ranging from a top end of 720p to 1216x684 to 540p and 432p all the way down to 640x360. When played in portable mode, 768x432 and 640x360 are common pixel counts, but it can increase from there depending on load. In general, it's comparable to the Switch version of Doom but seems to scale towards the low-end more often. There's no getting around it - this really is a very blurry game."

The first a screenshot from Switch docked, it would likely be blurrier undocked. The second shot is from X1X.

Its interesting to see what Switch can do, but maybe its better to port games to Switch that actually hold up well. Like... Skyrim.





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