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Pubg mobile has made me understand what Bluehole and Epic games are going for as the mobile market has a bigger reach than consoles and PC's will ever have and that is okay for other publishers to do. I'm sure we'll see a lot more console game getting mobile ports and phones and games going forward designed for all platforms. PC's still get the best version. Console gamers get the premium treatment. Mobile gamers are happy with being able to play these games.

There are other reasons for this as mobile gamers are more receptive to microtransactions and don't have as high standards. Console and PC gamers want the best of everything but aren't willing to pay for it. Most games don't sell at $60 as its not economical to buy a game upfront for that price. There are the Assassin's Creed and GTA that people are willing to spend that money but the market cannot sustain so many games and we see several games getting lots of hate for one small detail that was missing.

I've seen people saying they wouldn't buy a game because they don't like the voice acting even though everything else is amazing. They might not buy a game because the characters don't appeal to them even if it plays amazing like DmC: Devil May Cry. That game got so much backlash for such little reason. I've written an article on it on my website if you're interested in checking out my perspective on that debacle. Making $60 games on console is difficult and its difficult to know what the market will see your product. Platform agnostic development makes it a more safe investment for developers and makes their product to a big audience. This it guys. I don't see third parties not going that route although first parties will still do what they do best to attract gamers.