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Acevil said:
OTBWY said:
So yeah the baseline for Switch is between 45-50k for Switch. Mario Tennis had a nice opening for what it is. I am surprised that New Gundam Breaker sold that much actually, lots of backlash from Japanese gamers who are fans of the franchise. Guess that's what happens when you switch to a new engine/studio. The PS4 is at a base 20k, which was expected.

I always found breaker to not be as good as the lets say versus series, did the new engine really make it that much worse?

New Gundam Breaker is the worst Gundam game in over a decade. The very worst since Crossfire in 2006. Once people started playing it, the game got so much hate. Stores are flooded with trade-ins to the point where they don't even give you 1/3 of the value for it. Kinda glad as games this bad shouldn't be rewarded.

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