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Bofferbrauer2 said:
Kerotan said:

Another easy week for ps4. Increasing the huge gap over its rivals. Outselling xb1 almost 3 to 1. The fortnite outcry won't change a thing. In fact thanks to fortnite Sony will outsell the competition by even more soon enough thanks to this badass bundle. Sony are genius. 



BTW allowing crossplay could hurt sales not help it. Having to buy a ps4 to play with your friends is a huge selling point and it's no wonder ms have been trying so hard to remove that advantage. Sony will stick to their guns. At best they will allow switch along with pc and Mobile but never xbox. 


When Sony had the market by the balls, not having crossplay with it's main competitor (and pretty much only at the time, poor Wii U) was beneficial for Sony. But now that Switch is quickly getting a very serious contender and visibly teaming up with Microsoft in Minecraft, it's going to make more harm than good.

In the US...maybe a little bit. In Europe, Asia etc?! Not a you really think a tiny MS player base in those areas will make much of a difference?