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GribbleGrunger said:
quickrick said:

I enjoyed the story, but i dont't get what that has to with ellie character, she been through shit, where she doesn't fear death anymore.

You don't see the connection, or the don't want to see the connection? I think it's clear. Ellie's bravery when she was in that jail cell was self preservation. You're making the mistake of thinking she's a 'bad ass' instead of considering her options. That's why I said think carefully about what you think she would do. 

I don't see the connection. you played it cool, and smart, while ellie did everything possible to get killed, she broke his finger then told him tell them that ellie is the girl that broke your finger, there was much better options like telling them she is the cure for mankind and worth millions, or playing it cool as she  was was willing to work with her and give her time, to fit in, and wait for her chance to strike. instead she chose death, but she isn't scared of death so i guess it made sense.

Last edited by quickrick - on 25 June 2018