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SpokenTruth said:

On a human level, I like the concept.  But the story is wrapped around Harding and I can't separate the person from the message.  Had she done something for Kerrigan to show her contrition, I'd be all over it. 

I don't know what more was necessary on that front. The world has spent nearly a quarter-century fixated solely on Nancy Kerrigan, her story and her plight vis-a-vis all this. The media has done nothing but promote sympathy exclusively for her for that entire period of time every single time this story has been retold. I think the filmmakers made the right move in conversely focusing on Tonya's backstory, and in a way that doesn't just one-sidedly demonize her for a change.

I think a lot of people who are from poorer backgrounds would like to be represented more fairly in our media.