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DialgaMarine said:
I think the problem is that Sony and PS4 got a lot of criticism from Nintendo users about how they were putting out too many remastered early on in the gen, yet here we are and Nintendo is pretty much banking on Wii U ports after a decent first wave of exclusives. I mean, besides Kirby and the recent Mario Tennis, has Nintendo even put out a AAA Switch exclusive since SMO? Kindof disappointing, considering neither of games are quite up to par.

Yeah but how many consoles have 2 97/100 metacritic games in their first year ? Or even per year ? Pokémon and Smash will be 2018 AAA titles. I do not expect them to hit the 97/100 mark but still, 2 big games every year is something, especially with a lot of great smaller games. And I'm sorry but "already released on Wii U" doesn't make a game bad or not worth playing.

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