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Slimebeast said:
The grafix and other things on the technical side will be amazing just given time, but what about the controls? I think it looks ridiculous when the prefered method of moving around in Skryim VR and Fallout 4 and even in Doom VR is by teleporting.

There's something wrong when many players prefer to zap-teleport forward instead of walking forward by pushing a key on the keyboard or a stick on a controller like we do in ordinary games and controllers. How can they make movement in VR game World comfortable and immersive?

I don't think that teleporting is the prefered method. Every youtuber I watch that covers VR, always put games on blast if they don't offer locomotion. Teleportation was put in early by devs that were affraid of people having motion issues. In reality people that suffered from motin sickness,  were willing to put up with the sickness for a minute until they became expereinced enough to get over the issue. Newer games almost always offer full locomotion, and ones that don't patch it in pretty quickly after launch. Nothing is worse in VR when you have snap turning or teleportation that completely takes you out of the immersion.

If Sony has any idea what they are doing they will put joysticks on the next Move controllers for the next round of VR, so we don't have any limitation on our movements. Rift and Vive have already addressed this issue, and are much better for it.

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Kevyn B Grams