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KLAMarine said:
EricHiggin said:

The what we know point is a poor argument. Basically all your saying is I don't want to think any further than what's thrown in my face by the "authorities" in media. Sheep move because the dog is 'in charge'. In reality, the human is standing there taking everything in and directing the dog to make the sheep do what they want, and the sheep have no clue.

Eric, are you prepared to debunk the following screenshot?

I ask because this is what was provided by "authorities" in media. Variety, for example:

EricHiggin said:

As for the too much info comment, not sure why all the posts so far weren't a problem, yet a bunch at once is too much? Why does separating by multiple posts make it easier? Too many solid points in a row a lot harder to defend? I seriously don't know how much closer I could have laid the dots out. The line they create isn't far from linear.

'Losing interest in reading all of it'. So if it's not in Twitter format it's not worth reading? It explains your strong point of view of how people themselves are almost never to blame but extremely large groups of people with power are the root of all evil.

All I'm asking is for you to shorten up your posts. It's what I try to do: keep things brief and to the point and not try to use overly-complicated metaphors.

EricHiggin said:

This is part of the reason big corporations don't listen to the people all that much. I'm sure PS has already thought to themselves, 'we can't explain the entire situation in a tweet, and if we write a few paragraphs on any other platform they'll never read it anyway, and a bunch of cross play pushers will just take it all out of context and tweet a bunch of BS and make us look bad, so let's just go with a typical corporate BS response and leave them all hanging'. 

Sony putting out "a typical corporate BS response" does nothing more than make Sony look bad. It also not only fuels the efforts of the "cross play pushers" but also sours more moderate spectators.

Sony's not very smart if your description of them is to be believed. I think they should have gone with the "writing a few paragraphs" approach and at least maybe win over moderate people who will have made the effort to read Sony's response in full.

EricHiggin said:

'Can't beat'm? Meme them!' In all seriousness though, if you and others really want PS to try and work on the account issue and CP, when they ask why, they are going to expect way more than just, 'because it would be fun and XB and Nin are doing it'. That will just get the door or a Fortnite bundle thrown in your face.  Good luck.

The issue is damaging to their image.

Sony's not "4theplayer" nor is PS always "the best place to play" as their marketing regularly points out.

It also leaves them open for Nintendo and Microsoft to attack. I hope Nintendo and Microsoft do so at some point.

Well it seemed like you were trying to see my points, but weren't quite there, so I felt the need to elaborate. Apparently I was mistaken I guess.

'The Fortnite account is associated with a platform we knowingly gave into even though we knew what the better decision would have been for the gamers but instead we caved. We can't do anything about it because we already signed a contract. We shouldn't have done that but it's too late now. Please don't hate us and open a new account and continue to play our game while purchasing more micro-transactions'.   Unless Nin is the one blocking PS accounts from being on Switch, which is more unlikely, that's my take on it.

PS gave a horrible PR response and still won me over so. I have no issue pointing out problems when any brand crosses the line, and while PS is getting closer, they haven't quite got there yet.