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I have to admit it, I was almost certain that the honour will go to TloU2, but damn, after playing the demo I caved in. It was everything that I imagined it is, and I can tell that after 3 short levels.

This would have been the "system seller" for me if I would have ever bought a WiiU, and now I can finally play it, and on the go never the less. The game seems to be a gem that is not mentioned nowhere near enough, and if all the other levels are just as fun, It will be a blast.

Are you preordering, planning to get it at one point or not interested at all? Also, how much are you bothered by the fact that the SM3DW levels will be switched for SMO levels? Also, anyone buying the 3DS version? Il download the demo for that later, just to check out how well it works on the system.

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