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VGPolyglot said:
Immersiveunreality said:

Without the Autistic people we would just have more mindless sheep,i think they're a great asset for humanity because they think differently and are able give us better views like lets say Einstein or Newton did and yes both of those showed big signs of autism but back then it wasnt as accepted to be different as today.

Im not dissagreeing btw ,just wanted to type this. :p

I wasn't calling autistic people undesirable, which is why I used quotation marks

I know but i was commenting on how for some they are :p

I sometimes take care of my sisters autistic kid and its not easy at a young age,needs a lot of planning so he knows what gonna happen beforehand but outside of that he's very intelligent and sweet. Instead of making lots of friends he will prob make a few friends so he can keep a feel of control but on the other hand does develop more into things like building blocks and arranging things and more than the other kids do.