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VGPolyglot said:
John2290 said:

No actually the Nazi would be the one impossing their rules of speech on others however its what someone who has faced reality outside of their safe bubble would say when other people try yo impose their own language do's and do not's on others, especially when it's such a mild insult. 

Ah, so it's more like Nazis to tell people to be considerate of autistic people than it is to want a war that wipes out the "undesirable" people...

Without the Autistic people we would just have more mindless sheep,i think they're a great asset for humanity because they think differently and are able give us better views like lets say Einstein or Newton did and yes both of those showed big signs of autism but back then it wasnt as accepted to be different as today.

Im not dissagreeing btw ,just wanted to type this. :p