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green_sky said:
KManX89 said:

LOL, yes it is. Watch any gameplay footage of BO4, it plays EXACTLY the same as BO3, just without the jetpacks and wall-running and with the perhaps equally-annoying grappling hook added.

It's basically BO3.5. 

Seems more like BO 2.5. That is why i preordered. Could be wrong when it comes out. 

Watch any gameplay, it's a BO3 clone minus the jetpacks and wall-running. 

And BTW, AngryJoe hit the nail on the head.

We as gamers need to band together and #BoycottBO4 like we did SWBF II. BO4 will be the first CoD I don't buy, and I thought for sure the honor would belong to an IW game (Infinite Shitfare, but MWR made me cave in). I'm not sure how successful it'll be with all the whales/corporate sheep, though. 

Last edited by KManX89 - on 20 June 2018