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Pemalite said:
MasterThief said:

the company closed almost all of its studios and now its down to like 1 location with ~500 employees. they have a cpl online games in the making but they don't look to promising

what do you think? the company owns no personal properties. they barely made any games as they used to be a huge developer with many locations. and they don't own crysis.

they invested so much in cryengine but its not catching on its just not as good as competition .


I think they are heading to closure soon. 

CryEngine is an amazingly flexible and powerful engine.
It is as every bit as competitive as the competition. - Is it perfect? Shit no, but it's still a very powerful engine.

Amazon did get the rights to CryEngine and altered it heavily and dubbed it "Lumberyard" and StarCitizen is leveraging that fork of CryEngine with some amazing results, so she still  has some tricks up her sleeve still.

With that in mind, you aren't wrong, financially they aren't looking the best, but you never know they might improve.

I honestly would like to see Nintendo purchase the company and CryEngine, would give them a pretty big technical step-up.

I'm no expert on the subject of engines or game development in general. But it seems to me that the Cryengine just isn't the ideal engine for consoles and that's where much of the market is.

Basically every 7th gen games using the engine had performance issues. Ryse was a technical mess even though it was developed by Crytek (maybe there are valid excuses?).

We've seen mixed results in 8th gen with Cryengine. Some games struggle to maintain 30 fps, some maintain 30 fps, but certainly no 60 fps games using the engine. In comparison, we regularly better results with Unreal Engine 4.

At this rate, its hard to imagine their engine will catch on. Even if they greatly improve it, it seems like developers are already comfortable with Unity and UE. So I'm not sure if there is any hope for Crytek if their focus is pushing that engine. I certainly don't get the impression their support is growing.

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