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Nautilus said:
Jumpin said:
On the AAA titles, I don’t see that as very much the Nintendo market. That’s Sony’s dominion, though thoroughly. Nintendo is much more about the creative and innovative games. In fact, I’d say Breath of the Wild is the only real “AAA game” Nintendo ever developed.

And as a Nintendo fan, I don’t like the dishonesty among some of the fan base trying to pretend games like Fire Emblem or Pokemon as AAA games - while it’s true that Pokemon is a lot more popular than AAA games, the “AAA” is more about the high expense of time, moneys and resources (as in staff/tools) dumped into the production of the product (A lot of time, A lot of money, A lot of resources). Generally it’s more of a Western game dev concept and Zelda doesn’t quite follow the typical formula either:
1. Spend a lot of money, resources, and time on a game.
2. If it succeedes, greenlight a series of annual sequels.
3. Have gigantic factory-style dev teams of hundreds of people, lots of money for promotion, development, and the giant QA and producer staff involved.
4. Stay in the box, any innovation must be based on what the product managers and their researches tell you will sell.
5. Keep churning out title after title, spending tens of millions per year, and have your development pipeline working like a well greased factory assembly-like.

That is not Nintendo, that is Activision, EA, and Ubisoft. And the formula works well - but Nintendo’s way of doing things also works extraordinarily well.

No offence, but goddammit, what a twisted view of what an AAA game, or rather a high profile game, should be.Honestly, there is not much to say to out other than everything you just said is wrong.Being a high profile game is not about burning money on a game that dosent require such investment to be the best it can, rather that the developer thats behind it gives the best it can, effort or monetary, that the game needs to be the best it can.In another words, the game couldnt be better than that, for the type of game the creators invisioned it, even if the budget was twice the size.Of course some Nintendo games could use the extra budget, but Mario Oddyssey, BOTW, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Smash Ultimate, Splatoon 2, Mario Tennis Aces and so on are all "AAA" games.Even second party games or third party exclusives, like Mario + Rabbids and Octopath are AAA(even if I can see the case of Octopath being an AA game)

And honestly, do you even care if a game is AAA, AA or indie if its an excellent game?I give two fucks if a game had a higher budget or not as long as Im getting the best game that developer could make.

AAA is an acronym for A lot of money, A lot of resources, A lot of time; it’s basically the videogame version of a blockbuster - and like blockbusters, just because Vertigo and Casablanca are two of the most critically acclaimed films of all time, does not make them blockbusters. You may not like it, but your alternate definition is simply not correct. I bet you’re one of the guys who tried to argue Metroid and Ocarina of Time as RPGs as well.

Last edited by Jumpin - on 18 June 2018

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