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Stefan.De.Machtige said:
Their E3 is now a big direct. Nintendo is ahead of the curve on this one since E3 is is losing significance.

It has been since 2006 - not just for Nintendo, but other companies as well. But people still keep hyping it up like it’s even bigger than it was back in the earlier years when it was virtually the only major show where Nintendo would make announcements and reveal detailed footage. Now they scatter it through the year instead, and IMO it’s a lot better that way.

IMO, Gamescom is the better show, and has been for years. Part of it is that it’s a lot closer to the holiday season when we actually get to play the full games. Another part is that it’s not way way over on the isolated and ultra-expensive west coast of the US; despite Gamescom being in Europe, it’s cheaper for most Americans to go there than it is to go to E3, and it’s both bigger, and has A LOT more to do.

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