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KManX89 said:
jason1637 said:

Lol no it isnt. Art style is the same but game mechanics are way different.  Also it's gonna have a BR mode, and 3 zombie maps at launch.

LOL, yes it is. Watch any gameplay footage of BO4, it plays EXACTLY the same as BO3, just without the jetpacks and wall-running and with the perhaps equally-annoying grappling hook added.

It's basically BO3.5. 

So a Call of Duty game playing like a Call of Duty game? You're ignoring all the big gameplay mechanics like the 150hp, 5v5, 1 specialist per team, specialist being more developed and having a bigger impact to the game than in BO3. Like I already mentioned there are other big changes like battle royale and zombies. But you can continue to ignore these changes and keep saying it's exactly the same.