The_Yoda said:
Ganoncrotch said:

That last line made me actually cringe reading it.

I would really not recommend the OP attempt to repair this on his own having seen the videos on youtube of it being done, it's something I wouldn't be confident with... and just this week I replaced the analogue stick in my Switch controller and the battery pack from an old DS3 that was knocking about and wouldn't charge.

That said.... no more Ghosting to the left in all my switch games for the sake of a €3.40 replacement stick and about 45 mins of squinting to see the tiny damn board connections in the joycon...

unrelated I know... but seriously think about how tiny the joycon is and those ribbons are crazily light, would really recommend caution if anyones planning to replace one of these sometime! Cool to see inside though, just needed a small philips and the Nintendo tri wing screwdriver to save 50e replacing it.


Good work after using a small standard screwdriver for taking apart the PS4 i bought this in case I needed to do it again.


Torx Screwdriver Set, T4 T5 T6 T7 Torx Security T8 T9 T15 T20 Hex Nut Pentalobe Flathead Triwing Triangle Square Bit Tool Kit with Flexible Shaft Extension for Precise Repair Maintenance (45 IN 1)

not sure if the link will work outside the US or not


The set is decent, I already had one that had most of this stuff outside of the tri-wing and security torx

Very tidy little kit.. and wow at that price, it's always nuts when people ask me to lend them a screwdriver when I think a set like that should be in every house just on the off chance you need it, people probably spend more on a couple of coffees in Costa than a set like that.

Fancy hearing me on an amateur podcast with friends gushing over one of my favourite games?