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Darwinianevolution said:
CrazyGamer2017 said:

AGAIN answer this very simple question: How can Sony block a game they don't own on a machine they don't own?

Sony is indeed the one not wanting cross-platform, nobody is denying that. But what is blocked on Switch is blocked by Nintendo, what's blocked on Xbox is blocked by Microsoft and what's blocked on Playstation is blocked by Sony end of story.

Unless you are implying that Sony hacked the Switch servers and injected code that makes those accounts not work on the Switch?

Sony can't block you directly from a service they don't own, but they sure can pressure the owners of said service to do so. I'm sure Sony told Epic to not allow certain kinds of cross platform combinations with their console, and Epic can't really disobey them, otherwise they would face legal repercussions.

Epic owns Fortnite right? So I simply can't understand how Sony could tell Epic what to do with their game on other systems? If anything it's the other way around, Epic owns Fortnite. Sony could try to pressure Epic, yes but in the end they cannot force Epic because what happens between Epic and Nintendo or Epic and Microsoft is NONE of Sony's business.

Only situation I can think of is Sony having signed an agreement with Epic on this issue, that per agreement Fortnite accounts made on Sony must not be compatible with other platforms, in which case YES, I could see how Sony has the upper hand here but in the end, why would Epic sign such an agreement?

By that logic we must blame exclusive games cause a game that comes exclusively on a platform from a studio NOT owned by that platform is nothing more than a legal agreement: We make our game for your platform exclusively as per our agreement.

In which case this would make this a dick move from both Sony and Epic. If that's the case then yeah, Nintendo and Microsoft have nothing to do with this. So is this the case?

Last edited by CrazyGamer2017 - on 13 June 2018