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I am unsure if this is just a terrible oversight by QA, or something Sony mandated; but apparently, if you log into Fortnite on PS4 at all, you will then be unable to use your account on Switch.

For the record, the game is free, I recommend it (even as someone who never plays online games). The controls are easy (although currently lacking gyro, which would really help). Within 1 day of play, I was already hitting top 5.

For anyone unsure what it is - I didn't know until yesterday, but apparently like 80 million other gamers have already played, so it might be like trying to describe Mario Brothers: The game is a 100 player third person Battle Royale/Hunger games inspired third-person Action Survival game - you parachute onto the field, scramble for a weapon, and gather resources. You can use your resources to build fortifications, paths, or even trade them in at scattered vending machines for additional weapons. There are various modes, solo (100 players, everyone for themselves), pairs (you get a partner), squads (small preset teams), and 50 vs 50.

I recommend doing the 50 vs 50 matches to start since you can learn about gathering weapons, where to land, and the guy who steals the gun in front of you ISN'T going to shoot you in the head after.

1. You are flying across the screen in a bus, hit the select button to see the map, and decide where to go. Further from the white circle is better.
2. Spend about 2.5 minutes exploring the area; look for boxes and chests, and hold down the Y button to open them once you have your selector on them.
3. When the clock hits 3.5 minutes or so, RUN toward the circle. Hit the select button to see the map, that way you'll know where your teammates are heading, best to go there, or at least close by.
4. Once you reach the circle, I find it's best to sneak along the outside, look for buildings going up in locations with characters that don't have the down arrow above them, those are enemies. If they're being careless, AMBUSH THEM AND SHOOT THEM IN THE HEAD. Use the ZL to aim, the ZR to shoot, it's surprisingly easy even without the gryo controls (though they would be welcome in a future update). Then RUN! Run back to your team and safety with the satisfaction that you have brutally killed a man!
5. By this point, you'll probably be making your push further to the center, as the outside storm will continue to shrink in around... similar to Battle Royale (and I think Hunger games too).
6. You'll see huge pools of weapons lying all around, get powerful ones, I like explosives and rifles. Then just go with your teammates on a brutal destructive killing spree of the enemy fortifications, shoot them if you see them.


For the record, my first few games, the storm killed me. I didn't know what was going on. I didn't even know the controls.
Within a few hours I was wracking up kills and getting into the top 5 on solo.

Just for the record, I don't play FPS games or anything like that - the last one I played extensively was probably one of the Metal of Honour or Bond PS2 games (I played 2-3 hours of Metroid Prime games, but that doesn't count) - that skillset doesn't seem to matter a great deal in this game. The main sorts of games I have played that are action-based are 2D platformers (typically not many outside of the 8-bit and 16-bit games of my younger years, and revivals), some 3D platformers, and Legend of Zelda games. Mostly I play RPGs and simulation type games. So! If I can play this game, have fun, then everyone can.

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