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HandofPrometheus said:

As for female characters I want more. However, I can only see Naruto and One Piece females being the most represented.

I mean, it's Jump. What female characters do you want? Probably getting Robin and Nami from One Piece, Kagura from Gintama, Sakura and maybe Hinata from Naruto. Going back to their most popular stuff in the past, maybe Saori/Athena from Saint Seiya? Biscuit from Hunter X Hunter? Eve from Black Cat? Rukia from Bleach? Anna from Shaman King? If they're really stretching they could get the girls from Cats' Eye. There ain't exactly a bevy of popular female Jump characters from fighters to choose from.

Note that i'm not familiar with newer series like Black Clover/HeroAca so I can't speak for them.

Last edited by Megiddo - on 11 June 2018