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Sorry Ladies and Gentlemen, I was on vacation for the past week. No internet. It was fantastic! Looks like I missed a doozy of a week here! But I'm back just in time for me to take one for the team.

Quick rhetorical question: Why didn't Rol bring this attention to the mods as he has here in October?

Because it benefits him to bring it up now, and not in October. This is what he does. He doesn't care about this site as much as he cares about having as much power as possible on this site, and he's willing to go to rather large lengths to get it. That is, he constantly scours and documents VGChartz. I have no doubt that he has numerous well-organized notes on numerous users and mods on this site that he considers to be "people of interest". His latest thesis is further proof of this. He uses these documents to help construct and evolve a narrative to allow him to act in whatever way he sees fit, constantly nit-pick the rules with mods until he defines what he feels is an exploit he can use both in conversing with other users to bait users he dislikes into moderation, and share with the users he likes to keep them out of moderation, He also documents blackmail material and/or dirt on other users/mods so he can bring up their past when he sees fit both in conversation and moderation. He's demonstrated this in the past as well. Finally, he also documents the imperfections in the moderation of this site (both where he feels users were inappropriately moderated or inappropriately not moderated) these little nuggets of moderation (or lack thereof) that he holds like precious little trump cards, just waiting for the moment he inevitably takes heat for being the user he is, and try and use it as an exploit to get himself out of hot water he undoubtedly feels he doesn't really deserve and refuses to take responsibility for. I have no doubt he has other little nuggets in various stages of development just waiting to share with us all when he feels it will benefit him in the future.

I have to ask, Rol, Is this site the only thing of meaning you have in your life? That's a serious question. Do you have any healthy, loving relationships in your real life? Could you go, say a week or a month without even going to this site and have no issues with that? It appears to me you care about this site a little too much for anyone with a healthy life outside of it. It's obvious to anyone you take the interactions of this site way, way too seriously.

But sadly, instead of actually letting go, you're just going to add some lines to the potatohamster file instead. It's not like you even pretend it doesn't exist.

P.S. In before Rol accuses the mods of derailing the thread for not meeting his demand for comments on his little nothingburger he's been storing for months.