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So, for those who are unaware of what eating crow is, here is a definition from

eat crow

Also, eat dirt or humble pie. Be forced to admit a humiliating mistake, as in When the reporter got the facts all wrong, his editor made him eat crow.

I made mention of creating a thread specifically for this when people make predictions that are TOTALLY wrong. This isn't a specific thread for ONE incident. This thread is for ALL incidents of completely wrong predictions, especially when the person making said prediction is ABSOLUTELY certain they cannot be wrong.

This initial post is just to describe the purpose of this thread. To make a person eat crow, you have to acurately cite their misquotes, and that person, upon seeing this thread, must eat crow.

Example (completely off topic):
If some random person said: "Apple's iPod will never be famous", you would quote their passage in this thread and tell them to fess up to their incorrect prediction, to which said person will admit they were wrong, hence, eating crow.

Be gentle