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CGI-Quality said:
Nem said:
More of these guys? ;/

I'm joking! Good luck guys!

Question though, what motivates you to do this? When i think how painful it must be to scour through every thread and read all the... erm content... it would drive me crazy, i think. Bravo to you guys for taking on the task!

Interesting question. I know for me, it was about making a difference. I saw things that I didn't agree with, but also wanted to be a hand for those who needed one. Sure, no one's perfect and every Mod has stumbled a time or two, but I think we've got a solid crew ready to help, and mod, when/where they can.


I do think it's getting better. I have seen you issuing warnings on threads when things get heated before it gets out of hand. I think it's a pretty positive thing to do. There is a habit to have a back and forth (maybe cause of that blue notice) and it helps for someone to go in and say it's time to stop it because it turns into a stubburness contest and no one wants to "lose". Sometimes, i wonder if the blue notice does more harm than good. Also, dunno if it's the right place to say it, but the site changes have been positive as well. So, applause to you lot!