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Leaks aside, as an Xbox owner, it's not that I'm sick of the three staple franchises. I love those games, so I'm never going to be mad about new entries. It's just that those are games we expect at this point. Even if you knock those games out of the park quality wise, there's not really a wow factor there anymore, because you understand what they're about, and you know exactly what you're walking into. It's important to create something from the ground up from time to time, so you can give people new worlds, characters, lore, and stories. No matter how great an established series is, unless you totally reinvent it, or every entry is completely independent from every other one, than you're never going to recreate that same sense of excitement you can get from a new IP.

So sure, give me more Halo, Gears, and Forza.....but you better have more than that