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Last time I checked Sony said that their VR stuff is selling slower than expected. And they are the market leader. I don't think VR is such a big trend as many tend to believe. Don't get me wrong, I love my PSVR and all, but the release of new games has become slower and slower. Apart from Skyrim there are almost no AAA titles to be found. I have a little bit of hope for E3, maybe we get something like Killzone VR or Fallout 3/4 VR. That would be great. But if Sony doesn't deliver at E3, VR is kinda dead to me. The tech is cool, but there is simply not enough software and as the sales have proved, most people simply don't care at all about VR. It is not the future of gaming. It's just a niche. A niche that has yet to prove that it is sustainable.

Because of that, I think Nintendo won't bother with VR for the foreseeable future.

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