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Zoombael said:
Otter said:

Highlighted where I'm actually making a point because I'm struggling to grasp the worth of yours. Of course life is made of choices, of course there are things more important than video games. Lets charge $200 for massive AAA games like GTA and dismiss the increased cost by the fact that if you really want it you will make the choice to pay for it. No one should fret, entertainment isn't a right...

There whole point is that exclusion is unnecessary. The gain is what? A boost from 900p-1080p on your platform of choice? Your eyes will stop caring after 5mins anyway. Games are meant to be fun, they are meant to be experienced. Unless it really compromises the creators vision, lets reduce the barriers to entry.

Better games and more diversity. Yes, you might be satisfied with standard and selection of games, but others are not.


Arguments against exclusivity basically boils down to egocentric cheapskate mentality... adorned with the typical hyperbole.

How would making a game exclusive make it better and more diverse? 

And as for your later point, your lack of self awareness is painful. "Egocentric mentality"? Coming from the person who is advocating for the route which is less consumer friendly and a bigger financial risk for developers.

Last edited by Otter - on 22 May 2018